At Southeast Radiation Oncology Center, our goal is to provide world-class radiation therapy without the need to travel far from home. At our local cancer center in Juneau, our patients and their families can expect a caring and comfortable experience during each visit. We want each experience at our center to be a positive one, and love when our patients and their families share their inspiring stories with us.

Whether you’ve received treatment yourself or spent time at our center with a loved one, we welcome your feedback. It’s invaluable for us to learn more about your experiences, so we can continue to provide the highest level of care possible. Read some of our favorite testimonials below, and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

What Our Patients Have Said

"Staff very friendly and welcoming but more important, staff appeared to be very competent - which leads me to believe I'm getting quality care." -Juneau Patient, December 2018

"Dr. Huang is great and has excellent staff." -Juneau Patient, October 2018

"The caring and thoughtfulness of Dr. Huang and staff is beyond belief" -Juneau Patient, December 2018

"Every aspect of your treatment protocol was executed flawlessly. I rate my experience with a perfect score" - Juneau Patient, October 2018

"The center comprised of a competent, skilled, compassionate team was so caring and great to work with." -Juneau Patient, November 2018

"Dr. Huang and his staff are very professional, friendly and courteous. Clear communications throughout the six week treatment regimen and follow-up. It is Important to have a facility in Juneau. We are lucky to have such a skilled medical team with a positive approach to dealing with patients." - Juneau Patient, December 2018

"Dr. Huang, rare to find a physician with this level of experience that cares so much for each and everyone of his patients. We are very thankful to have him in Juneau. Thank you! Thank you from the bottom of our heart." -Juneau Patient, October 2018

"The whole staff were positive and encouraging - they made me feel cared for and hopeful!" -Juneau Patient, September 2018

"Very pleased with my whole experience of daily radiation even when I wasn't having a good day the staff was understanding and very passionate." -Juneau Patient, May 2018

"The entire staff was kind and compassionate. Each team member treated me as if I was the most important person they had to take care of." -Juneau Patient, May 2018

"Exceptional care & staff. Everyone was welcoming and accomodating to me. Very competent and impressive from doctor to front desk to therapists." -Juneau Patient, June 2018

"Flexibility of appointments was wonderful. Care was very personal and non stressful." -Juneau Patient, May 2018

"I was very pleased with the staff & Dr. Huang. I did 7 weeks of radiation and never had a bad experience, staff always had a smile & courtesy." -Juneau patient, May 2018

“Great doctors and staff!” -Juneau patient, March 2018

“Explained in detail services I was to receive and answered all my questions.”

Juneau patient, January 2018

“Thank you for all your kindness and care. Words cannot express how truly grateful I am.” -Juneau patient, February 2018

“Alex and Kelly were always upbeat and a pleasure to be around. Dr. Huang was always available whenever I needed him.” - Juneau patient, December 2017

“I think everything was done exceptionally from the initial consultation through the six weeks of treatment.” - Juneau patient, December 2017

“You have a wonderful clinic and I am so grateful I didn’t have to go south for the treatment – and the HOPE house!” - Juneau patient, December 2017

“During a difficult time in my life, the staff and Dr. Huang were fabulous. Really relieved my fears, very sensitive to my care and excellent emotional support.” - Juneau patient, December 2017

“Welcoming environment. Friendly, personable doctor and staff.” - Juneau patient, October 2017

“It truly was a pleasure working with this professional staff! Thanks for helping me, answering all my questions and assisting me with the HOPE house.” - Juneau patient, October 2017

“I’m happy I chose Southeast Radiation Oncology Center for my treatment. The staff and facility exceeded my expectations! So glad to be close to home!” - Juneau patient, August 2017

“I’m so grateful that Juneau has this new, beautiful facility and wonderful caring staff.” Juneau patient, August 2017

“I always felt safe, loved, cared about, and important. I will miss seeing both the staff and the doctor.” -Juneau patient, August 2017

“You all provide the best possible environment to perform what needs to be done under the circumstances. Great job.” - Juneau patient, August 2017

“My nine weeks of treatment were the most professional, warm and sincere of my medical treatments I’ve ever received anywhere. Bravo SROC!” - Juneau patient, June 2017

“You are truly a blessing from the Lord to this community.” - Juneau patient, June 2017

“Having this resource here in Juneau has been so helpful, not having to travel or spend weeks away from home is a real gift!” - Juneau patient, May 2017

“I could not imagine a better group of people to do this work, and I’ll always be grateful that I could get this treatment in my hometown.” -Juneau patient, April 2017

“I have had stage IV breast cancer since 2010 and have received quite a bit of radiation therapy. I have never met a more caring radiation oncology team. Dr. Huang and his staff are truly a blessing.” - Juneau patient, May 2017

“I feel extremely grateful to have such top notch professional care right in my home town.” - Juneau patient, April 2017

“Everything was perfect. If I had to, I would come back again. I would recommend you all to others.” Juneau patient, April 2017

"For the past nine weeks of treatment, I felt like a special person and the friendship that developed with the doctor and staff is unforgettable. My special thanks to all of you."Juneau patient, March 2017

"You make people feel welcomed and safe."Juneau patient, March 2017

"So friendly! Great attention! Wonderful waiting room! Quick timing!"Juneau patient, February 2017

"All personnel are compassionate and professional."Juneau patient, January 2017

"Dr. Huang and everyone else were absolutely angels from God! There are no words for us to say how great they were! Thank you for being in our community!"Juneau patient, June 2016

"We couldn’t have asked for anything more. All the staff were caring and certainly met our needs. They provided a very positive experience."Juneau patient, February 2016

"Juneau is so fortunate to have this cancer center and its dedicated staff. Dr. Huang is wonderful with his technical expertise and loving heart."Juneau patient, February 2016

"The whole staff always showed complete care, concern, and compassion! You have a great group of employees and I would highly recommend your facility to anyone!"Juneau patient, February 2016

"This is family to me. I thank everyone for everything."Juneau patient, January 2016

"I think the positive atmosphere, and most of all the very nice people, were as beneficial as the treatments." -Juneau patient, September 2015

"So thankful to have been able to have my treatments in my own hometown, knowing I was in good hands. A very special group of people for which I’m forever grateful." - Juneau patient, August 2015

"You are an amazing team! We were very pleased with our care. Thank you for your kindness." -Juneau patient, July 2015

"So thankful to have been able to have my treatments in my own hometown, knowing I was in good hands. A very special group of people for which I’m forever grateful." -Juneau patient, August 2015

"You are an amazing team! We were very pleased with our care. Thank you for your kindness."Juneau patient, July 2015

"Even the décor was awesome!"Juneau patient, July 2015

"It was such a pleasure to have such good care."Juneau patient, June 2015

"You made me feel like you really cared."Juneau patient, June 2015

"Loving, caring people. Treated like family."Juneau patient, June 2015

"Your compassionate care made me so welcome and so secure in believing that I would get better… I would and will recommend the center to anyone!"Juneau patient, May 2015

"I felt special. And other patients that I met OBVIOUSLY felt special, too."Juneau patient, September 2014

"It is my opinion that all who choose Southeast Radiation Oncology Center will be as pleased with their care as I have been with mine. I would most highly recommend this center to all."Juneau patient, July 2014

"Dr. Huang was the best doctor I ever had in my life and I’m 54."Juneau patient, June 2014

"Dr. Huang and the staff there made me feel so welcome. They were caring, hands on and super, super loving."Juneau patient, June 2014

“I am so glad I went there for my treatments.”Juneau patient, June 2014

“Considering this is a treatment for a life-threatening disease, our (including my spouse) experience couldn’t have been more positive! Dr. Huang’s willingness to consult with us even before radiation was prescribed was very valuable!”Juneau patient, September 2016

“I love every member of the team. I am grateful to have had this experience. I feel like I am a better person for it, and have added great new friends to my life. Thank you for EVERYTHING!”Juneau patient, September 2016

“The staff was awesome... they kept me from feeling down and made me feel I was going to beat this.” Juneau patient, August 2016

“Personal attention from all staff to patient is very comforting. Efficient delivery of therapy is also a strong point.”Juneau patient, September 2016

“Treated me awesome, felt like part of the family. Always welcome. I laughed and felt as though there wasn’t anything to worry about.”Juneau patient, August 2016

“Proactive response to our initial inquiries was very helpful!”Juneau patient, June 2016

“We enjoy and admire the ‘no white coat’ policy! Hugs and care are outstanding!”Juneau patient, May 2016

“Other health care providers could take lessons from this wonderful facility and its employees.”Juneau patient, April 2016

“Everything is done with professionalism and great loving care.”Juneau patient, May 2016

“Appreciated emphasis on keeping patient both comfortable and well-informed.”Juneau patient, April 2016

“Outstanding rapport between physician/staff and patients.”Juneau patient, April 2016

“I would absolutely recommend SROC to anyone needing radiation!”Juneau patient, October 2015

“We are so lucky to have all of you here in Juneau.” SROC patient, July 2015

“We were never made to feel rushed and were treated as family, not patients.” SROC patient, August 2015

“Probably the very best experience in healthcare we’ve ever had in our lifetime!” SROC patient, September 2015

“You go over and above any place I’ve ever been.”Juneau patient September 2015

“Thank goodness for this wonderful staff – they complement each other in the caring and understanding for each patient they encounter.” SROC patient, June 2015

“Dr. Huang gives his full attention, doesn’t seem rushed and answers all your questions.”Juneau patient, March 2015

“I am 72 years old and this is the best medical care I’ve ever received in my life.”Juneau patient, December 2014

“I was and still am like family to all who work there – hard to believe but I miss going there every day!”Juneau patient, November 2014

“Juneau is so, so lucky to have this facility.”Juneau patient, October 2014

“You are technically top-notch. I felt that the treatment was the best science could be at your clinic.”Juneau patient, December 2014

“I have never had so much caring and professionalism by a medical group before.”Juneau patient, November 2014

“The warmth and compassion made my journey so much easier.”Juneau patient, August 2014

“Great place with great people!” Juneau patient, July 2014

“Best medical facility in Juneau!”Juneau patient, June 2014

“The staff was warm, kind, and understanding in a time of your life when you are not at your best.” Juneau patient, June 2014

"They transformed my initial negative attitude towards the treatments into a very positive experience."Juneau patient, June 2014

"Very personal staff. Always felt comfortable."Juneau patient, May 2014

Contact Your Local Juneau Radiation Therapy Experts

If you have any questions about our team, our radiation therapy services, or anything else, we’re happy to assist in any way we can. Please don’t hesitate to reach out by visiting our contact us page or calling our Juneau office at (907) 586-HOPE. You can also browse our cancer conditions page to learn more about the conditions we treat. We hope to hear from you soon.