“Very personal staff. Always felt comfortable.”

“They transformed my initial negative attitude towards the treatments into a very positive experience.”

“The staff was warm, kind, and understanding in a time of your life when you are not at your best.”

“Best medical facility in Juneau!”

“Great place with great people!”

“The warmth and compassion made my journey so much easier.”

“I would most highly recommend this center to all.”

“I have never had so much caring and professionalism by a medical group before.”

“You are technically top-notch. I felt that the treatment was the best science could be at your clinic.”

“You are technically top-notch. I felt that the treatment was the best science could be at your clinic.”

“Juneau is so, so lucky to have this facility.”

“I was and still am like family to all who work there – hard to believe but I miss going there every day!”

“I am 72 years old and this is the best medical care I’ve ever received in my life.”

“Dr. Huang gives his full attention, doesn’t seem rushed and answers all your questions.”

“Thank goodness for this wonderful staff – they compliment each other in the caring and understanding for each patient they encounter.”

“You go over and above any place I’ve ever been.”

“Probably the very best experience in healthcare we’ve ever had in our lifetime!”

“We were never made to feel rushed and were treated as family, not patients.”

“We are so lucky to have all of you here in Juneau.”

“I would absolutely recommend SROC to anyone needing radiation!”

“Outstanding rapport between physician/staff and patients.”

“Appreciated emphasis on keeping patient both comfortable and well-informed.”

“Everything is done with professionalism and great loving care.”

“Thank you for being in our community!”

“Other health care providers could take lessons from this wonderful facility and its employees.”

“We enjoy and admire the ‘no white coat’ policy! Hugs and care are outstanding!”

“Proactive response to our initial inquiries was very helpful!”

“Treated me awesome, felt like part of the family. Always welcome. I laughed and felt as though there wasn’t anything to worry about.”

“Personal attention from all staff to patient is very comforting. Efficient delivery of therapy is also a strong point.”

“The staff was awesome... they kept me from feeling down and made me feel I was going to beat this.”

“I love every member of the team. I am grateful to have had this experience. I feel like I am a better person for it, and have added great new friends to my life. Thank you for EVERYTHING!”

“Considering this is a treatment for a life-threatening disease, our (including my spouse) experience couldn’t have been more positive! Dr. Huang’s willingness to consult with us even before radiation was prescribed was very valuable!”