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Breast Cancer Myths: What You Need To Know

Southeast Radiation Oncology Center - Wednesday, June 28, 2017

With so many misconceptions about breast cancer out there, it can be difficult to differentiate between what’s factual and what’s not. Therefore, we’ve put together this list of widely believed myths, to help women learn the truth about breast cancer.

Myth 1: Finding a lump in your breast means you have breast cancer.

Truth: Only a small percentage of breast lumps turn out to be cancer. However, if you find a lump in your breast or notice any changes in your breast tissue, you should undergo a clinical breast exam.

Myth 2: Only women can get breast cancer.

Truth: Every year, over 2,100 men are diagnosed with breast cancer. Breast cancer in men is typically detected as a hard lump under the nipple and areola. Even though the rate of breast cancer in men is significantly lower than what it is among women, men should examine their breasts regularly and report any changes to their doctors.

Myth 3: A mammogram can cause breast cancer to spread and worsen.

Truth: Breast compression while undergoing a mammogram cannot cause cancer to spread. A mammogram is considered the gold standard for early breast cancer detection and a test that carries an extremely low risk for harmful radiation exposure.

Myth 4: Women with a family history of breast cancer are very likely to develop it too.

Truth: Statistically, only about 10% of people diagnosed with breast cancer have a family history of the disease. Many people are surprised to learn that most women diagnosed with breast cancer have no family history of the disease whatsoever.

Myth 5: Using antiperspirants and deodorants causes breast cancer.

Truth: According to the National Cancer Institute, there is no conclusive evidence that links the use of underarm antiperspirants or deodorants with the development of breast cancer.

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